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Conversion rate optimization CRO
Are you struggling to convert your website traffic into leads or sales? At smartMILE we have affordable optimization solutions to help turn your web visitors into new customers.
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What is conversion rate optimization?

Generating new website visitors through search engine optimization or social media marketing can be great at increasing traffic, but it does not guarantee conversions.

In digital marketing, a conversion is the desired action that you want your website visitors to take. Some examples are submitting a form, purchasing a product, downloading a brochure or simply dialing your phone number.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is used to help improve the percentage of web visitors that turn into new customers. At smartMILE we utilize analytic data, visitor trends, and user feedback to generate optimization solutions that can increase the conversion rate on your website.

Our custom cro services

Every business can understand the importance of website traffic. Our conversion rate optimization solutions help ensure that we are converting as much of that traffic as possible into new customers. Each strategy has been specifically made for you by the experts at smartMILE to provide you with successful leads.


Sometimes making small changes on your website can have a large impact on the way your users behave. We can test both single and multiple variables on your website to be sure each component is set to increase conversions.


Where are your users clicking and scrolling to when they visit your website? With our heat mapping services, we can see exactly where your visitors are going on each page, enabling us to optimize the site for better user experience. 


Need a more comprehensive look into what your users are doing? Our visitor recording services allows us to capture and view the sessions of individual users on your website. 


Make sure your visitors know where to go! Our team at smartMILE will develop engaging calls to action that will catch your users’ attention and drive traffic to areas where conversions are most likely. 


Has anyone clicked on your phone number or downloaded your brochure lately? With event tracking, you’ll know when users are taking actions on your website that are important to you. 


We make it easy to understand the results we’ve created for you. You’ll receive thorough reports throughout your campaign, and an expert is only a phone call away when you need more information. 

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