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E-commerce and online presence
Consumers and businesses continue to spend more time and money online. According to experts, this trend is here to stay, and entrepreneurs must adapt to remain competitive. However, we knows that there is more to running a successful online business than setting up a virtual store. That is why we offer a suite of solutions to help entrepreneurs with various projects related to their web presence.
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Selling Online

Launch and sustain a profitable e-commerce platform

Our e-commerce experts know that setting up a virtual storefront is just the first step to selling online. We help you take your business there too, showing you how to manage and maintain it long after we’re gone. As your e-commerce business grows, you’ll be prepared to ramp up your operations to meet increased demand.

Selling Online will help you:

  • Prepare to launch your online store
    Shape a go-to-market strategy that drives profitability
  • Learn how to manage a successful e-commerce business
    Align your team, processes, policies, and strategies for selling online
  • Create a roadmap to support online growth
    Receive an implementation schedule with related responsibilities for different stages

Expert advice that’s grounded in reality

  • Practical, proven strategies
    Apply best practices to setting up and running a profitable virtual store
  • Guidance tailored to your needs
    Explore marketing tactics to boost your online sales
  • Knowledge transfer
    Learn the essentials of selling online to be self-sufficient

Online sales optimization

Optimize your online presence and digital activities

Social distancing has forever changed our relationship with technology, taking it from a convenience to a necessity. As more people look online to answer their work and personal needs, businesses must quickly adapt their capabilities to meet shifting demands and purchasing behaviour.

smartMILE’s advisory services help you quickly identify game-changing improvements to your digital environment so you can take fast action—and it can all be done remotely.

Capture quick wins to boost your online presence.

smartMILE helps you:

  • Quickly build an action plan for online success based on your business reality
  • Optimize and enhance your website’s sales capabilities
  • Increase your website’s ranking in search engine results
  • Create more impact with your social media efforts
  • Make the most of your paid traffic campaigns
  • Optimize your product catalog, order fulfillment, and shipping

Website Power

Build a new custom-built website with the right vendor

Like a store front, your website could be the main way customers are finding you and getting a first impression of your business. Without the proper features, it could actually fail to attract visitors, generate interest or produce sales.

smartMILE helps you:

  • Outline and document your site’s unique requirements
  • Select the right vendor to build or update your website
  • Manage the creation of your website to ensure it meets objectives
  • Optimize your site so search engines find you easily (SEO)

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