Establish an effective recruitment and retention process
Human Resources Management
Attracting qualified talent is a challenge for many growing businesses, but of equal importance is how those resources integrate within the company and perform once they are hired. We can help you implement a strong HR management process that will enhance your recruitment and retention practices, so you can attract and motivate qualified talent for your growing business.
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HR Management will help you:

  • increase your knowledge of HR management;
  • build a solid organizational structure;
  • attract and onboard qualified talent;
  • develop a performance management system;
  • learn how to take disciplinary measures; and
  • ensure your policies and procedures comply with regulations. 

#Five-step process for strengthening your HR organization

Review your current HR approach and materials. Discuss your expectations and agree on a project timeline.
Make recommendations to strengthen your HR practices. Develop an action plan to implement our recommendations. Identify which tools must be developed to support your goals.
Organizational structure and position profiles, employee manual, recruiting and onboarding, performance management process and disciplinary procedure
We facilitate two management workshops to ensure your management team understands how to use the new tools, as well as their role as managers.
We provide you with a final report that summarizes your project and suggests next steps to help you implement your new tools. You also have up to five hours of on-demand virtual support where you can reach us to ask questions or obtain guidance.

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