Software overview

Reply is multichannel sales engagement platform which automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks, while Sales can focus on what really matters - closing deals. Reply helps Sales teams orchestrate a mix of automated and manual communication touchpoints across multiple channels and create personalized sales journeys according to their sales playbooks.

Reply’s new functionalities now cover the six stages of a sales cycle and automate a majority of manual, routine tasks. The first stage - sales prospecting is now easier due to the new Chrome extension, which allows users to discover prospects in Gmail, LinkedIn, or browsing the web. The new extension allows users to find emails right from the plugin and push prospects to multichannel sequences in Reply. The Chrome extension brings context, communication history and the ability to reach out via email, calls or social networks to a prospect.

The lead nurturing, qualified sales opportunity and retention stages are covered with Reply’s new multichannel sequences, which allows users to combine personal emails and follow-ups, cloud calls, tasks, and social touchpoints as steps in a sequence and automate the process of engaging leads and customers according to a sales playbook. Due to the new integration with Vidyard, the leading video platform for business, Reply users can add personalized videos to emails and increase prospect engagement.

Based on the steps in a multichannel sequence, Reply automatically generates daily tasks available in the Chrome extension’s Task dashboard. Users can create additional tasks manually connected to the lead qualification and negotiation stages, execute these tasks, make calls, leave notes, log call results, and sync the data with a CRM.

Reply includes a sequence wizard through which users can create and manage multiple sequences. Users can add steps to create a sequence of outreach and follow-up emails, calls, social touches, and tasks, customize the subjects and body text of messages, schedule emails to be delivered at peak hours, and select contacts to be included in the email list, before reviewing and launching their campaign.

Contacts can be added from imported lists, or identified within the app itself, with users able to create ideal prospect profiles and search for contacts based on a range of values from within these profiles, such as company, title, experience, and more.

Reply also offers automatic response classification, sorting responses within the inbox according to their content. Users can view how many respondents are interested or not interested at a glance, and can customize the way responses are sorted by renaming the email statuses. Outbound emails can be tracked, giving users insight into delivery, open, click, and response rates, as well as any bounced emails and ‘Out of Office’ replies. Email copy can be A/B tested to optimize campaign performance, and reports can be delivered to users’ inboxes daily, weekly, or monthly.

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