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Leadership and Management for Small Business
Every small business eventually comes to a bend in the road where the path ahead is unclear. We can help you look around the bend and apply new leadership and management methods to a specific business challenge or opportunity, creating change in your business that can help you shape its future.
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Leadership and Management for Small Business will help you:

  • understand and refine your leadership capabilities
  • work through a business challenge or opportunity
  • support staff transition and engage them in the process
  • gain clarity on your business situation
  • learn leadership methods to drive your business

#Three-step process for helping you apply new leadership and management methods

Discuss the current business challenge or opportunity you’re facing. Share the results of your Leadership Profile questionnaire. Identify where you should focus your energy to drive change in your business. Agree on priorities and establish a project timeline
You take part in several coaching sessions, supported by a Leadership Workbook of practical tools. This helps you focus on the areas of concern and opportunity identified during the kick-off meeting and enhance your skills.
We develop an action plan so you can continue enhancing your leadership and management capabilities, and maintain momentum in your business. We summarize and document your key findings, the changes you made, any resulting shifts in your business, and the next steps required for you to stay on track.

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