Neuroscience of Sales and Marketing
Neuromarketing enables you tap into the power of the unconscious mind to better persuade your customers. More importantly, Neuromarketing guides you to create an outstanding, emotional experience that your customers love to pay for. Some of the most successful companies, including Google, Microsoft, Disney, Coca Cola and Hyundai, have employed Neuromarketing to drive up their revenues.
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What is Neuromarketing ?

Modern marketing is not anymore solely based on conventional fields such as consumer psychology.

The emerging field of neuromarketing uses a variety of neuroscience methods applied through tools such as Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Electroencephalography (EEG), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and Skin Conductance Response (SCR).

These tools, when used effectively in appropriately designed experiments, provide invaluable brain and psychophysiological data in order to accelerate comprehension of consumer behaviour.

The purpose is to know how marketing messages affect neurons of the brain of your potential customers. This research methodology shows us what is happening in consumers’ mind at the time of purchase and what are the characteristics that make them choose a specific product/service instead of another, similar one.

Thus, having strong research evidence about what your target audience wants to hear and see in relation to a specific product/service, smartMILE effectively organizes all aspects of your advertising campaign.


As a marketing company with a decade of experience serving clients nationwide, we know how much costly guesswork goes into traditional marketing.


This is because traditional marketing is founded on two flawed assumptions:

  1. Consumers make conscious decisions based on reason and logic.
  2. Consumers can always recall with a high degree of accuracy why they bought what they bought.

Market research techniques like focus groups and surveys have been found highly ineffective for those reasons.


With neuromarketing, we go straight to the source – the brain. Employing a variety of tools, we collect the nervous system’s responses to ad creatives, videos, websites, and more.

#Get inside your consumers’ minds

Neuromarketing helps understand how the brain works when making purchasing decisions about your product, service or even experience. Some of the questions it can answer include:

  • How does a consumer (really) feel about your product, service or experience?
  • Which ad creatives and messages affect a consumer’s emotional state in a desired way?
  • Where is the consumer focusing their gaze when watching your video or looking at your ad, brochure, website or other promotional piece?
  • How does a consumer feel about their overall experience with your brand?


In order to sell more, scale your company and have an evangelical customer base, you must first have the answers to the above.

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