5 handige iOS 17-functies die Apple stilletjes heeft uitgebracht op WWDC 2023

Ever seen a widget on your home screen and wish you could just tap, swipe, and interact with it without it expanding into the full-screen version? 

At WWDC, Apple introduced interactive widgets for the iPad, but it turns out the feature will also be available on the iPhone, giving users more finite access to functions like playing and pausing music, checking off boxes in the Reminders tile, and turning on or off smart home appliances directly from the home screen.

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Interactive widgets seem like a natural evolution from resizable widgets, first introduced with iOS 14 in 2020. For now, app support for the feature includes first-party services like Reminders, Apple Music, and Home, and some third-party ones like Quizlet. Expect greater compatibility by the time iOS 17 progresses through its beta phase.