Support Worker – Subiaco – Fresh Start Recovery Programme – Western Australia

Job title: Support Worker

Reports to: Housing Facilities Manager


In this role, support workers are responsible for supporting and caring for Fresh Start clients

living in residential settings.

The duties include managing residential accommodation on a day-to-day basis; and

communicating, liaising and collaborating with colleagues across Fresh Start and other

agencies, to achieve the best outcomes for all clients.

Key responsibilities and activities

1. Monitor the physical and emotional well-being of clients, recording any concerns and

reporting those concerns to the relevant clinician(s).

2. Inform and empower clients to make sound decisions and informed choices.

3. Maintain a close liaison with and take direction from Fresh Start doctors, nurses and

other clinicians.

4. Store client’s medications securely; and only administer medications in accordance

with doctor’s instructions and Fresh Start’s relevant policies and procedures.

5. Support and promote a safe and healthy working environment that complies with OSH


6. Assist in the day-to-day management of the premises, by enforcing the house rules

and following other operational obligations.

7. Support the work of colleagues responsible for maximising rental income.

8. Provide clients with practical and emotional support.

9. Assist clients in their interactions with other agencies and advocate on their behalf, as


10. Maintain up-to-date client records and carry out other administrative duties as


11. Transport clients to appointments, as required.

12. Participate in development opportunities including peer group networking, further

training and professional development events, when required.

13. Undertake any other duties within the scope of the post.


1. Maintain close liaison and take direction from the line manager.

2. Maintain sound and collaborative relationships with Fresh Start staff and managers.