These are the best broadband deals around as 2020 comes to an end Broadband deals

2021 is fast approaching (weird to hear, right?!) and with the new year, it could be the perfect time to renew your internet. If your plan is coming to an end soon, there are plenty of excellent offers available right now.

While there are a number of offers available to you in this seasonal sale, three fibre broadband deals have grabbed our attention over everything else and they come from BT, Virgin and TalkTalk.

Arguably, Virgin has managed to grab the top spot with low prices, fast speeds and a massive cash incentive. However, if you live somewhere where Virgin isn’t available, both BT and TalkTalk are excellent right now.

TalkTalk’s brilliant broadband deal:

BT’s bargain broadband offer:

Crank up the speeds with Virgin Media:

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