These iPhone 12 deals could be a better choice than the upcoming Samsung S21 Black Friday iPhone 12 Pro deals

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is set to be released very soon, and for many that will mean getting ready to get those pre-orders in. But if you’re not devoted to Android, Apple could offer a strong alternative.

Considering iPhone 12 deals have had a few months on the market and been through a Black Friday, they’re already starting to look slightly more affordable – shocking for Apple, we know.

The Samsung S21 and its Plus and Ultra brethren, on the other hand, are going to be at their full price. During pre-orders, you’re paying a significant price to be getting that phone early doors, likely making the S21 a fair bit more expensive than Apple.

Yes, the S21 is newer and could bring specs Apple can’t compete with, but iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro deals are only a few months old, feature 5G, market-leading camera performance and the market’s current leader in processing power.

Below we’ve picked out the two iPhone 12 contracts that best compete with the upcoming S21 launch.

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iPhone 12 deals:

iPhone 12 Pro deals:

What are the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro like?

iPhone 12:

Apple’s brand new iPhone 12 is in every way an improvement over the iPhone 11. However, other than the introduction of 5G and Apple’s new MagSafe feature, this is very much an incremental update.

It throws in Apple’s A14 Bionic chip – the fastest processor in any phone – improves the camera across both pictures and video for crisper shots and better low light photography, and ups the display with more pixels and a higher brightness.

iPhone 12 Pro

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro represents a big jump forward for the company. Not only is there a new design with that Ceramic Shell bumper, but inside it’s all fresh too. 

That’s thanks to the powerful A14 Bionic processor, the first at five nanometers – which means it’s power efficient as well as fast. This, combined with the triple 12MP camera, now offers LiDAR depth detection and Dolby Vision video recording quality.

The iPhone 12 Pro comes with 5G connectivity, more OLED screen in that 6.1-inch housing than previous generations, and the super powerful seven-element-lens-toting camera system that offers next-level low-light photography. In short, it all helps to justify that rather steep price tag for the first time in a few iPhone generations.