Continuous improvement approach
Advanced optimization projects
Our Advanced Optimization Projects service is designed to identify rapid improvements that will impact your bottom line, while laying the foundation for a continuous improvement approach.
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  • Our experts can help you prioritize and select the most impactful projects for your organization. We will lay out a customized project plan that will help you:

    • bring more value to your clients
    • improve quality, cost and delivery (QCD)
    • reduce waste and improve agility

Continuous improvement projects we can help you with:

  • plant layout design and optimization
  • standardization of work methods
  • process optimization
  • setup time reduction
  • improvement of quality control 

Take advantage of smartMILE’s structured approach

Our Advanced Optimization Projects service is a complete solution based on four key factors.

1. Seasoned professionals

You can count on a network of skilled professionals in operational efficiency with many years’ experience working with entrepreneurs.

2. Proven methodology

  • We use a structured and efficient methodology based on years of experience developing operational efficiency plans for a variety of businesses.
  • Our experts have a thorough understanding of best practices in continuous improvement.

3. Knowledge transfer

We pass on a wealth of knowledge based on practical experience and lessons learned in many industries.

4. Custom project audits

We conduct three audits to assess the progress of your custom project, and present results and recommendations to you after each audit.

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