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ISO 14001 certification
Are you doing everything you can to minimize the harmful effects on the environment caused by your business? Meet legal and other requirements, as well as satisfy your employees, customers, suppliers and partners.
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smartMILE can help you achieve ISO 14001 certification

  • Benefit from a series of standards that is the worldwide reference for responsible environmental management
  • Reduce risk and liability while increasing efficiency and customer confidence

To facilitate integration with different systems, the ISO 14001 standard is now designed on a common basis with various other standards such as ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 14001 certification will help you:

  • run value-added operations
  • generate greater demand for products and services and increased trade acceptance
  • be more competitive
  • reduce accidents, errors and penalties
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • create a cleaner, safer environment
  • create working conditions based on discipline and reliability

What we will do

Guide you through each stage of certification by helping you:

    • diagnose and analyze environmental impacts
    • identify applicable legal and other requirements
    • develop an emergency response program
    • establish an environmental policy with measurable goals and objectives
    • implement and maintain responsible environmental management through ongoing programs and audits

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