OnePlus watch’s design and UI leaked – and it looks familiar OnePlus Watch

For long, OnePlus has avoided the temptation to make a determined entry into the highly lucrative wearables segment. However, things have changed drastically at the Chinese smartphone maker’s headquarters in the last few months. After publicly accepting that the OnePlus watch is in works, the company is now set to launch a new fitness tracker next week in India.

Though OnePlus is focusing on the smart band launch at the moment and is not talking about the watch itself, a couple of leaks that we’ve come across may have provided readers with an early glimpse of the upcoming smartwatch.

Popular tipster, Ishan Agarwal has spotted a few OnePlus watch models – W30ICN and W501GB inside the OnePlus Health APK file. Where the W30ICN could be a China-specific device and the W501GB could be heading for a global launch.

The initial product sketches suggested that a smartwatch with a circular dial was in the works and these watch faces match the initial design. The early designs also seem to suggest that the OnePlus watch may run on a custom OS rather than Google’s Wear OS.

There is a possibility that could just be placeholder images, that OnePlus may shared  for the time being. However, this watch bears an uncanny resemblance to the Oppo Watch RX, which raises a concern that the world may just be getting a rebranded device after all. 

Another tipster has unearthed a rectangular looking smartwatch from the same application. And this time again, the design looks identical to Oppo Watch that was launched sometime back in India and runs on Wear OS.

While both these leaks could just be placeholders or we may be looking at Oppo Watches rebranded as OnePlus smart wearables. That said, rebranding isn’t new for OnePlus as historically a lot of its smartphones are loosely based on Oppo phones. So let us wait for just a few more days to get clarity from OnePlus directly.