An audit of your optimization potential
Operations optimization potential
When you want to implement a continuous improvement approach, your first step should be to assess your current situation.
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Our Operations Optimization Potential service can help you:

  • identify value-added activities and causes of waste
  • determine rapid improvements
  • assess potential gains from improved operational efficiency
  • benchmark your business against the competition
  • set the stage for a continuous improvement approach

How do we assess your optimization potential?

We evaluate your operations via key personnel interviews, workshops, on-site observations and audits, and data collection.



We use key performance indicators to compare your business productivity with the industry.

Audit of 12 key performance factors

We audit your inventory management, workplace organization and equipment, quality control, deadlines and work methods.

Analysis of value-added activities and causes of waste

We identify those activities that create value and areas for improvement.

Priorities being considered and assessment of potential gains

We estimate the potential gains your business could make by improving its operational efficiency.

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