Report: iCloud Activation and Sign-In Are Down for Some iOS Users

(Image: PCMag)

Setting up an iCloud account is paramount to getting started with any iOS device. If the service is down or otherwise unreachable, that can cause quite the headache. Unfortunately, some users have experienced problems doing that, on Christmas Day, to boot.

According to Apple Insider, some users reported problems accessing iCloud setup as early as 4:45 AM on Dec. 25. The issue has been affecting several devices, particularly anything that requires an Apple ID to sign in with.

The Apple Support Twitter account replied to one user having difficulties setting up their mother’s new iPad and HomePod mini. The official reply stated the service was “experiencing a high capacity.” Apple suggested to “please try back in a couple of hours” at the time.

It appears the problem still persists, a full day after surfacing. At the time of writing, the official Apple System Status page shows an issue with iCloud Account & Sign In. It’s the only service currently affected; a yellow dot in a sea of green.

The Verge reports that Apple has yet to respond to inquiries about iCloud’s status. Apple hasn’t issued any official statement across its social media channels beyond its initial response. There’s currently no ETA as for when the issue will be resolved. With several new users logging into iOS devices, the hope is that it will be mitigated soon.