World ID Project: Option to Obtain ‘Global Proof of Personhood’ Now Live on Worldcoin

Worldcoin, a crypto unicorn, has officially opened the waitlist for its ‘World ID' software kit. Using this blockchain tool, website makers will be able to verify that their users are not robots, without having to store any of their personal details. The San Francisco, US-based company is aiming to enable the global citizenry to obtain their ‘World IDs'. This ‘global proof of personhood' will eliminate the need for people to punch in their names, numbers, and other personal details just to interact with websites.

While people can start obtaining their World IDs right away, Worldcoin has opened a waitlist for developers to get access to its World ID software kit.

Layered with zero-knowledge cryptography, the World ID software development kit lets software programmers create a privacy-first, self-governing, and decentralised human verification system for websites.

“World ID is as a global digital passport that lives locally on its holder's phone. At launch, this includes phone number verification and privacy-preserving iris verifications,” Worldcoin wrote in its blog post.

At a time when bots have become increasingly activated on the Internet, Worldcoin said it aims to create world's largest network of ‘authentic humans'.

The company, co-founded by OpenAI founder Sam Altman, uses chrome, volleyball-sized spheres to scan retinas in exchange for crypto.

The firm now wishes to step deeper into the Web3 world with its World ID project.

To create their World IDs, people will not have to give their biometrics, phone numbers, or any crypto wallet information.

“Following the passport analogy, proof of personhood verifications are essentially stamps that allow the holder to prove that a specific passport has been verified, without revealing information about the verification or the passport itself,” Worldcoin explained.

The company has noted that the simplest way to use World ID is as a sign-in method.

“Upon selecting Sign in with Worldcoin on a website, mobile app or crypto dapp, you approve or reject the request from your self-custodial wallet to authenticate and prove you're a real and unique person. No one, not even Worldcoin contributors or application developers, can track you across websites, identify the World ID connected to your account or generally know more about you,” the firm added.

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