Software overview

ViVAHR is an applicant tracking software (ATS) with the tools to create brand awareness, engage possible applicants and convert and nurture successful candidates. By providing the necessary tools to build a careers website, create a custom culture profile page, connect with applicants, keep track of candidates and rate interviewees, ViVAHR aims to help businesses with their employee acquisition and on-boarding.

With ViVAHR’s custom career page builder, users can create their own culture profile to appeal to potential candidates. Businesses can adapt the careers page to align with their unique branding and style by editing photographs, color schemes, and fonts, including testimonials and company values. Once applicants start applying for positions, automatic applicant profiles are built containing information on experience, lead source, social media profiles and resume, providing the entire hiring team with access to the information. In order to help the decision making process and encourage collaboration, all hiring team members can add notes to user profiles and rate them using a 5 star system, allowing candidates to be easily compared.

Designed to make communication easier, ViVAHR includes an internal chat function and email integration so that hiring team members can contact candidates within the system, as well as have a record of all conversations. The platform also generates automated reports which allow users to analyze their recruitment history, including the number of accepted and rejected candidates, as well as ongoing applications and interviews.

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