Black Friday Apple deals live: record-low prices on Airpods, iPads and more


Apple Watch 7 in outdoor test

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The Apple Watch Series 7 offers serious smartwatch value

The Apple Watch Series 8 may be the newest Apple Watch you can buy, but Apple didn't add much over last year's Watch Series 7. With Black Friday deals taking the Watch 7 price even lower in both the US and UK, it's easier to recommend picking up the older model over the newest wearable.

The only significant upgrade in the Apple Watch 8 is the temperature sensor, a feature of some questionable value to the wider Apple audience. Most folks won't miss it, and we suspect many Watch 8 owners don't even know they have it. There's also a newer Apple chip inside, but it didn't make a significant improvement in battery life, which was our biggest complaint. 

You can find an Apple Watch 8 for $349 right now from Amazon, but Target has an Apple Watch Series 7 for $309.99 for Black Friday, and there isn't a big reason to pay more for a nearly-identical watch. Scroll down for the best Apple Watch 7 deal in the UK. 

In the UK, you can also find the Apple Watch 7 (Product Red) edition for only £299, which equals its lowest-ever price. We've seen this version sell out in the past, so it's well worth picking up today – particularly as it also gives you the smug feeling of knowing that some of its price tag goes to charity.

The face of the Apple Watch SE

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Not the worst way to get a free Apple Watch

The latest Apple Watch deal from AT&T is a ‘buy one, get one' offer that gives you a free Apple Watch SE when you buy any other new Apple Watch. That's a brand new Apple Watch SE from this year, not the older model. There are serious strings attached, but even if you back out early, this is still a good deal. 

The Apple Watch SE that you get for ‘free' normally costs $299. This deal makes you split the cost over 36 installments, and AT&T makes the payments for you as long as you keep the watch connected to your AT&T cell phone plan. That means AT&T is making 36 payments of around $8.30 a month. 

If you leave early, you owe the rest of those payments. That means you didn't get the watch for ‘free,' but you did save some money. If you stay with AT&T for a year, the network has paid $100 of your $299 watch. That's a great discount on a brand new watch. 

Having a connected Apple Watch is especially nice because Apple Pay works with the watch, even when the phone isn't around. You can go for a run and leave your phone behind. You'll still be able to take phone calls, listen to music on your AirPods, and buy a bottle of water at your halfway stop. 

MacBook Pro 14 on desk with award winner logo

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Our high-end MacBook pick today

Looking to flash a bit of cash to get something truly special this Black Friday? Our pick for professionals or those in need of some power is this deal from Best Buy on the MacBook Pro 14:

As stated, this $400 price cut at the retailer is the lowest ever price on this relatively in-demand product. While we wouldn't recommend it for everyone due to its price, those who can get the most out of its powerful M1 Pro chip will find a lot to like with this model. 

Everything is top-shelf – from the design to the components – and its access to the usual MacOS suite makes it a perfect pick for creative professionals in particular. It's so good, in fact, that we picked it as our laptop of the year for 2022. 

In the UK? Here's the cheapest price we've found in your region – just know that it's note quite as good of a deal as the above Best Buy listing in the US (it's still the cheapest listing ever, though).

Apple MacBook Air M1 on light orange background

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An absolute bargain ultrabook if you're on a budget

Here we go folks, a Black Friday Apple deal that's offering nearly unbeatable bang for the buck versus the competition – something you don't see every day. We've always been a fan of the older MacBook Air M1 here at TechRadar and right now it's at its lowest price at Amazon US. 

Why do we recommend this older model? Well firstly, while it may not have the most modern design or chip inside, the Apple MacBook Air M1 still really holds up well for 2022 for the vast majority of users. It's lightweight, decently powerful, has excellent battery life, and it's much, much easier on the pocket than the M2 version. 

For context, the M2 version is currently sitting at $1,049 at Amazon US for Black Friday. That's also a record-breaking deal but it's a whopping $350 more than the above listing on the older model. Overall, we'd say the listing on the older model is the better Black Friday MacBook deal of the two for most users. In the UK? Here's the cheapest listing we've found today.

On the surface, this Amazon UK doesn't seem quite as good as the equivalent listing in the US but don't be put off – it's still the lowest price yet in this territory. If you're interested in the Gold color, you'll find that one for £819 today at Amazon, an even lower price versus the more popular Silver version.

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