Schlage adds new Lever smart lock to Encode lineup

The Encode Lever lock installed on office door in Century finish

The lock easily replaces a doorknob on most doors.


Ever wish you could put a smart lock on a single bore hole door without drilling another hole on it? Schlage has just joined the group of smart lever lock sellers with the launch of the brand new Encode Lever: A smart wi-fi lock designed to replace traditional doorknobs and levers throughout your home. 

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The smart lever lock is the perfect addition for doors without a deadbolt; especially those behind which you'd appreciate the privacy and security a smart lock adds, like a home office or guest room. 

Person entering code on Schlage Encode Lever

Different codes can be given to guests for extra privacy.


David Perozzi, general manager at Allegion Home, explained “We're seeing a shift in how people are using their living spaces. Whether it's converting a bedroom into a home office, or welcoming extended family into the home, consumers are asking for the convenience and security provided by the Schlage Encode deadbolt that can be used on doors that aren't prepped for a deadbolt.”

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Personally, the Schlage Encode Lever smart Wi-Fi lock is the ideal replacement for the knob on the door that leads to my garage. We always like to keep it locked, but often forget to do so, so we have an inexpensive “dumb” lock with a keypad to ensure two things that the Encode Lever also does: Never having to remember our keys and knowing that the door always locks automatically behind us. 

Person installing the Schlage Encode Lever

As a replacement for doorknobs and levers, the Schlage Encode Lever could fit most doors in your home.

Schlage Encode Lever

Aside from these features, the Encode Lever smart lock, presented at the 2023 International Builders' Show (IBS), easily pairs with your phone and Wi-Fi via the Schlage Home App, where you can check the lock status and lock and unlock your door from anywhere using your phone, set up auto-lock and add voice control to ask Google Voice Assistant or Amazon Alexa to unlock the door for you. 

If you're one to host guests often and want to give them a dedicated, private space, you can use the app to create up to 100 access codes. It's easy to manage these codes from your phone, where you can set times for recurrent, temporary, or permanent access, as well as view real-time and historical data and customize notifications for when each code was used.

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This new smart Lever lock will join the rest of the Schlage Encode lineup: The Schlage Encode smart wi-fi Deadbolt and the elusive, HomeKit-compatible Schlage Encode Plus.

Schlage Encode Lever Trims

The Schlage Encode Lever smart lock will be available in two trims: Century (left) and Camelot (right).

Schlage | ZDNET

Schlage will offer different design options to meet your needs. You'll have your choice of two trims: The Century and the Camelot; as well as four lever styles and four different finishes: satin nickel, bright chrome, matte black, and aged bronze.

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The brand new Schlage Encode smart wi-fi Lever lock will be officially available for purchase in the spring of 2023, for the retail price of $309.99.